VIP Card

Dear Member

Congratulations for joining China Famous Hotels Organization and being our member.

We are so proud of supplying this glory VIP card. Members can enjoy special reception, Member Handbook has details about the VIP card.

Thanks for your identity, it is a great honor to serve you!

VIP Service
400 Reservation Service

Please call 400-800-5588 to book free rooms.

Please call 400-810-5566 to book VIP Discount Room.

400 VIP service will solve a serious of problems during your travel.

VIP Reception

Easy procedure with no waiting.

VIP Only Reception offers check in, check out and other related services.

Service Center

VIP Service Center offers free information, complaint, meal order and late check-out services. 400-810-5588 is always with you.

Reservation Tel

Please call400-810-5566, Reservation Center will offer more than 40-hotels choices for you. Air ticked reservation is also offers in Reservation Center.

Value-added Service
VIP card enables you to enjoy member hotels discount in reservation, meals and entertainment. Member handbook has detail introduction.
Golden VIP card enables you as following:
Free (non assignable, only in Harbin Sinoway)

* Three Free Rooms(Type: Luxury Suite one night, Deluxe Suite one night or Standard Room one night. Remark: These rooms needs to be booked 72 hours in ahead)

* Free Buffet Voucher: Five vouchers(available for lunch and supper)

* Deluxe Suite Coupon: Five coupons(By this coupon, you may enjoy Deluxe Suite one night and one person breakfast only 528 RMB. Remark: CHTF and Ice-Snow Festival is not allowed)

* Luxury Suite Coupon: Five coupons(By this coupon, you may enjoy Luxury Suite one night and one person breakfast. Remark: CHTF and Ice-Snow Festival is not allowed)

* Wine Voucher: 70% off( By this voucher, you may enjoy wine at 30% off price in F2 Western Restaurant and F4 Chinese Restaurant)

Meal Preference(Assignable, all national VIP members available)

You just need to offer your VIP card when having meals in Sinoway Hotel. Details as following:

* In Western Restaurant, members can enjoy preferential price at 85% of the market price;

* In Chinese Restaurant, members can enjoy preferential price at 85% of the market price;

* In Sunshine Bar, members can enjoy preferential price at 75% of the market price;\

* In F2 Pastry House, members can enjoy preferential price at 80% of the market price.

Room Preference(Assignable, all national VIP members available)

During efficiency period of the VIP card, you can enjoy the preferential price at room booking. Please call 400-810-5566 if required.

Room Booking requires 72 hours in advance. Please offer your card number when checking in, other guests just need to offer VIP card and room prove when checking in.


Entertainment Preference(Non assignable, Harbin Sinoway Only)

During the VIP card efficiency period, you can enjoy as following:

Half a year free fitness.(Time from card works in half year)

Principles and Details

Since signage on the Member Application Form, members need to obey whole member principles and details.

Effective VIP Card

All rights are available during effective period. VIP Card is only available for the owner, and signature on the card is needed.

VIP Card Lost

Please contact Service Center is your card is lost. Signing Application Form and pay 50 RMB.

Certificate Lost

No compensation for any certificate.

VIP Card Cancellation

In the advanced five days after getting the VIP card, can full returned when canceling the card. Written application, member goods and 100RMB are needed before receiving the return. After being member five days later, any return require cannot be accepted.


Meal preference will be offered during operation time. Preference is just for food, one VIP card is available for one table.

Warm Notes
VIP Card cannot work as following:

VIP Card Preference cannot use in Special Promotion, room delivery service and takeouts.

VIP Card Preference cannot use when other preference has used.

No hotel promotion is available to use preference.

Room Reservation Certificate

Please offer your free room certificate when checking in. Reservation Tel:400-810-5588

Room Reservation at VIP Price

Please call Service Center 400-810-5566 to enjoy VIP price.

Room Cancel

Please cancel in 24 hours advanced if members cannot arrive at the ordered time. The Hotel will deal as following:

*If booked No credit assurance, guests should arrive before 6:00pm, or will be cancelled.

*If registered before reservation, the Hotel will keep the room as daily charged.


All of the member information will be kept in confidential condition, members’ information will be updated and saved.


VIP Meeting has the right to change and revise the Member principles and details.

Limitation of Liability

Cooperators of VIP Meeting has no limitation in any condition. If any compensation is needed, the date must be contained in member period.