General Manager Speech

Sinoway Hotel

Dear Sir or Madam:

Welcome to visit Sinoway Hotel Site. It’s our honour for giving all staves this chance to serve you. On behalf of all Hotel staves, I wish to thank you for your long-time concern and kind effort support.

Chinese name of Sinoway Hotel is Hua Rong, means all Chinese national convergence on integration, friends all over the world are harmonious. Our hotel in accordance with the management and service conception of You Are above My Heart, Thank You, training the Sinoway Staves to be in-love and thanksgiving. Everyone in Sinoway try their best to make guests feel comfortably snug, in order that the guests would feel as home without lonely. If you could keep us in your heart, it would be the best prize and expression of your reorganization.

Sinoway staves all believe that it is human instinct of eagerness of love, we will send our care and love to staves firstly, and through our staves to our guests. We will try our best to make every staff show their care and love to warm and enjoy you!

Loving guests is love ourselves!