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Harbin HIT Group
Harbin Sinoway Hotel Management Co. Ltd.

Harbin Sinoway Hotel Management Co. Ltd. belongs to Harbin HIT Group with registered capital of 160 million RMB. The company’s main business scope is hotel management and related projects, staves service training and supplies operating.

Harbin Sinoway Hotel Management Co. Ltd. is a new enterprise including conception, objective and principle. Its headquarter settled in Harbin, high star level Sinoway brands, economic HIT brands and resort hotels in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Dalian and Harbin. Our objective is building our brand and improve value widely, striving for improving Chinese hotel group’s competitiveness in world hotel market.

Although the development of hotel competitiveness, there is still infinite space to develop, we must create chance and offer high-level management and high-quality hotel brands.

Harbin Sinoway management Co. Ltd being as a developed hotel management company, during improving own management, also absorbing international management and experiences, in order to develop our enterprise better, service our guests better, being top-ranking in China and International famous professional hotel management company.

Principle in Development
Enterprise Spirit

_________Innovation strives for realism, the pursuit of excellence

Service and management of membership hotels should be standard, procedural, institutionalized,systematic, gridding and branding.


________Authorized management, assistance management, consultant management and franchise,

Service Tenet

________People-oriented, create brand

Doing the service before guests ordered with all heart and soul.

Making guests smile while leaving.

Service Items

________Prophase preparation, enterprise diagnoses, consulting services, staves training and room booking.

Brand Strategies

________Sinoway, HIT and resort brands.

Divelopment Direction

________Based on existing hotels, improving our brands continually, developing cooperation area and popularizing output management.

Sinoway Hotel Chains
  • • Harbin International Conference Hotel
  • • Harbin International Conference Center
  • • Harbin Sinoway Hotel
  • • Beijing HIT Business Hotel
  • • Shanghai Sinoway Hotel
  • • Shenzhen Sinoway Hotel
  • • Harbin HIT Business Hotel
  • • Beijing Xinggong Hotel
  • • Harbin Changling Lake Resort
  • • Zhuhai Yi Park Resort
  • • Harbin Longquan Hotel
  • • Dalian Jinzhou Resort
Organization Chart