In Otc, “Piano Prince” Richard Clayderman stayed in the Hotel

In Sep, Hong Kong famous actress Gongru Yang stayed in the Hotel

In May, CCTV famous moderator Yongyuan Cui stayed in the Hotel

6月 世界体操冠军刘璇莅临华融

In Aug, succesfully received 2011 World Grand Prix officials and team members.

In Nov, 2001 International Ski Industry Cooperation BBS convoked successfully in Sinoway Hotel. This is the first important International Meeting in Harbin,Heilongjiang Province since China has taken part in WTO.

In Dec, Northeast Asia Economic Seminar convoked in Sinoway

In Dec, The United Industrial Organization Meeting convoked in Sinoway

In May, famous singer Zhen Tian stayed in the Hotel

In Dec, Heilongjiang Provincial People’s Congress convoked in Sinoway

In Jan, State Sports general administrator Weimin Yuan stayed in Sinoway

In Feb, The former Soviet ambassador Gaoshou Luo stayed in Sinoway

In July, Guangxi Caravan Tourism Promotion convoked in Sinoway

In Mar, Hong Kong famous artist Zhaolun Wen stayed in Sinoway

In June, Sino-Russian Trade High-level Forum convoked in Sinoway

In Aug, Hong Kong famous film star Weijian Zhang stayed in Sinoway

In Aug, Taiwan famous artist Ange Tong stayed in Sinoway

In Sep, successfully received American Harlem Basketball Team

In Dec, famous artist Huajian Zhou stayed in Sinoway

In Feb, Hong Kong famous artist Tingfeng Xie stayed in Sinoway

In May, seccessfully received merchants of The 53th International Medical Equipment Expo

In May, famous artist Yi Lu stayed in Sinoway

In June, successfully received Nanjing, Zhenjiang, Yangzhou, Maanshan, city “caritas love” tourism promotion

In June, successfully received Mudanjiang Economy Delegation

2000-2005, Harbin Economic and Trade Fair

30th June, Harbin Environmental Technology Lecture

1st July, successfully received guests of China Tourism Hotel Association

2nd July, Photographers’ Companion 20th anniversary

2nd July, French Les Laboratoires Servier Academic Conference

4th July, successfully received Korean Week guests

8th July, Hong Kong Ombudsman Office Investegation

16th July, Kylin China-Japan Renal Practitioner Seminar

16th July, Huirui Devotion Co. Ltd Academic Conference

19th July, China Instrument Association General Council

20th July, successfully received National Space Agency VIP guests Jiadong Chen and Gang Lee secretary

25th July, National Agriculture Development World Band Credit Projection Lauching Ceremony

27th July, Commercial Informationization High-level BBS-Harbin

29th July, China Petro and Department Oil Supply Symposium

4th Aug, Anjielun 2005 Chinese Medicine Application Project Conference

5th Aug, Siemens(China) Co. Ltd Communication Group Communication

13th Aug, Huirui Devotion Co. Ltd Academic Conference

14th Aug, 4th IASLC China International Lung Cancer Academic Conference

15th Aug, Heilongjiang Common Carrier NGN Technology Conference

18th Aug, subsidiary organ China Tobacco Industry Development Center Equipment Management Conference

23th Aug, Software TechNet IT Combat BBS Conference