Hotel Culture

Enterprise Philosophy

People-oriented with professional innovation

Service Purpose

Experience the hospitality, feel special courtesy

Enterprise Spirit

Unite , open, realistic , offer

Employing Standard

Absorbing, Holding, Moving, Training, Fashioning

Telent Strategy


Creating well work environment, keep digging proficiency of staves and improving their abilities.

Priciple 2

Establishing complete rating system, improving telentstrategy, even competitive advantage.

Priciple 3

Help staves to know enterprise target and realize their value.

Training Mechanism
Priciple 1

Establishing training Fund

Priciple 2

More attention on continuity and inspiration of the enterprise。

mechanism 3

Helping staves design and realize development plan。

To Client

Treating the client as grown root and satisfy them mostly. Offering endless service.

To Staff

Treating the staff as the most precious property, and well keep their life plan as obligation.

To Shareholder

Treasuring and taking good use of property is promise of the Group.

To Society

It is our persuit to establish good life circle and feedback to the society.

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