Business Center


Business center offers private meering room, professional traslation, telecommunications, EMS, fax, coping, etc. All these services make your business more confident.

Service Items

Typing: professional person offers quick service

Coping: We provide less than A3 size copy Services.

Fax :Providing both word and photo fax Services

Long Distance Call: IDD/DDD services are available.

Plastic Lamination: Plastic laminate from 3R to 10R are available.

Binding: Binding services are available.

Post Card &Stamps: Available at Business Center.

Equipment: Notebook, printer, facsimile machine, multi- media projector ,etc. are all at your disposal

Ticket Service:Sales and confirmation of train and air tickets are available

Courier Service: Worldwide and local express delivery service is available

Secretary Service: Experienced and skilled secretary offers all-day secretary service.

Interpretation/Translation: Interpreters can be arranged through Business Center. Advance arrangements are required

Business Center Tel